hammock1There has been a lot of controversy about women posting photos of themselves breastfeeding their children on the social networking site Facebook. I have read a number of comments on other blogs and news sites that judge the women who have done this, assuming some pretty ignorant reasons for their actions. In order to dispell some myths, I thought I would ask some of the women from the Facebook Group “Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding is Not Obscene” just why they posted breastfeeding pictures of themselves and their babies in the first place. The following is a random sample of their answers, of which I edited for clarity and brevity.
Thank you to the women who took the time to answer these questions and share their stories.

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Why do you have pictures of yourself nursing your children?

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Why wouldn’t I? I have pictures of my kids having a bath, eating their first piece of birthday cake, taking their first steps, sleeping. The list goes on and on. Breastfeeding is just another snapshot from their childhoods.

There are no pictures of my mom nursing me as a baby, which is a shame as I think it is an important thing to have proof of doing. I wanted visual proof that I breastfed.

Our babies looked so cute when they nursed. I wanted pictures so I could remember that time when they were so dependant on me.

It was important to me to capture all of my child’s milestones as well as her activities of daily living. I needed her to know she was breastfed and how that contributed not only to her health as a child, but also to the amazing bond we have today.

Why did you choose to post a breastfeeding photo on Facebook?

So my friends and family who love and support me could see them. They’re beautiful photos. I honestly never took into consideration that other people besides them would see them too.

The photo I posted was just a part of a series of shots of the day I had. My son had lunch. It was just a part of the day. I also think that the more people who see breastfeeding pictures, the more normal it becomes.

I’m not out to make a statement, but I want to set an example.

This is my way of educating people. Nursing is nothing to be ashamed of. Young women especially need to see that breastfeeding is a healthy, natural, and loving act.

So my friends can see what I do all day. Lol!

I’m proud of nursing my daughter. I wanted to share my pride in my daughter and in myself for overcoming some major hang-ups I used to have about my body and breastfeeding.

Did you ever consider how much of your breast was or was not showing in the picture?

I don’t even think about it. My baby gets hungry and he nurses. For the amount of time we spend doing it everyday, the last thing I need to worry about is whether or not someone in the room might catch a glimpse of nipple! So when someone pointed the camera at me I just smiled!

I did think about it. I have some pictures that I wouldn’t share because my areola is showing. I only posted a couple photos that were more modest and didn’t really show my breast at all.

I would have posted more pictures than I did but my partner was concerned about other men seeing my breasts and sexualizing them, so I only posted the ones he was comfortable having other people look at.

You can’t see any part of my breast in the picture.

I thought about it for a second and then decided I didn’t care who sees my breast. It’s just a breast. People know what they look like, they see them all the time in change rooms, and if they have never seen one before then maybe now is a good time to learn about them. Breasts feed babies. God made them for this sole purpose. End of story!

What about you?

If you have posted a breastfeeding photo of yourself and your child or children on Facebook or other Internet site and would like to share your motivation behind it, or if you have a comment you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you.

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