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A few weeks ago I came across this post and was completely inspired to do some Guerrilla Goodness! I’ve been planning this random act of kindness adventure ever since. So on the eve before school started, on the way home from grocery shopping, I had my husband and kids drop me off at my daughter’s new school and I went to work. I brought four jumbo sidealk chalks with me and I used them all up, printing words of encouragement all over the schoolground for the kids on their first day of school.

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Everyone needs a few words of encouragement that they look smashing on their first day back to school, don’t you think?

More importantly, I think some of the biggest anxieties I had as a child, especially since we moved a lot – well maybe not as much as some families, but I attended three different elementary schools – was whether or not I’d make any friends. Of course I always did, but when you’re new, you don’t know that. Starting something new can be so scary! So this one was my favorite. I wrote it in a couple different places so it wouldn’t get missed.


I couldn’t believe how much fun I had doing this. I only wish my girls were old enough to help me, and when they are I can’t wait to teach them the joy of manifesting love with a piece of sidewalk chalk! It was a great feeling not getting caught too. I thought for sure someone would come along with their kids or dog to the playground and find me “vandalizing” the place. At one point I heard a car coming and leaped behind a flowering bush. But I did it. I got away with the love man.

My only regret is not having asked friends to join me or being able to see the kid’s and parent’s and teacher’s faces tomorrow. I can just imagine the teacher’s asking each other “did you do that?” Nope! It was me! And only you, my faithful readers know! Now fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain!

Happy Back To School Day Everyone!

Now that I’ve got the random act of kindess bug, I want some more ideas for spreading joy. Let’s call it Guerilla Well-fare! Any ideas for me?

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