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to breastfeed in public,


and to breastfeed among other breastfeeding mothers.

All at the same time!

This was the Breastfeeding Challenge 2009 in my town.

I think The Quintessence Foundation should have a category for prettiest location because I’m pretty sure our outdoor courtyard next to the Farmer’s Market would have won.

We had 26 moms and 27 nurslings.

And our La Leche League group raised almost $200 with a raffle and silent auction.

It was a wonderful day.

Did you take part in this year’s Challenge? What kind of location was it held at? How many moms and babes took part? I’d love to hear some stories from other places.

P.S. I hate that none of these photos actually show anyone breastfeeding, but in my defense, I think my toddler nursed longer than anyone that day AND my camera fell and broke right after these ones were taken. It has since been fixed. Phew.

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