pottyMy two and a half year old has had a couple of very successful potty training days. She’s wearing panties throughout the day, except when we’re out or in the car, and of course at night she wears a diaper. The strange thing is that over the past couple of days her interest in breastfeeding has declined. Has anyone else experienced this? I was expecting the complete opposite. You know, that the step towards further independence would have her reaching out a little more for me than usual.

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And then if you google “Weaning and Potty Training” most of the articles are about trying to wean children from the bottle in order to potty train them. It is not my intention to wean her to have a successful run at potty training at all. This made me wonder do you have to wean in order to potty train? My first was weaned before she potty trained, but she was almost four!  She just wasn’t ready before that, but this one is. I can understand wanting to cut down on or eliminating night feedings to ensure a dry diaper in the morning, but we aren’t there yet, and I don’t feel any rush.(Maybe I’m just so elated that she shows any interest in using the toilet before age three that my need to ditch the diapers is skewed).

Anyway, she isn’t necessarily weaning herself, but she sure is excited about and proud of being able to keep her panties dry. She’s doing all that she can in order to ensure they stay that way, like telling me she has to go pee and running to the toilet every five minutes. Maybe that’s why she’s not nursing as much – she doesn’t have the time! Plus she has distinguished that there is a correlation between nursing and needing to pee. And peeing kind of makes it difficult to stay dry.

Oh well. If she’s ready to wean then I welcome that. I’m all for child-led weaning, but I have to admit that this unexpected behaviour has thrown me for a loop.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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9 Responses to “Can Potty Training Cause Weaning?”

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    October 12, 2009 at 4:32 pm
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