2368172_blogMy toddler likes to pull on and look down my shirt from time to time. She likes to make sure her milkies are still there, I guess. This weekend, during a rare cuddle with the whole family in bed, was no exception. She took the blankets and pulled them back and pulled on my pajama top. Then she quickly pulled back, a look of shock on her face.

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“Daddy touching my milkies!” she said, unmistakably offended.

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But she didn’t think so. She looked at me and put on the saddest face she could muster and then turned away from me.

A minute later I asked her, “Honey, are you okay?”

“No,” she replied softly. “Daddy touched my milkies.”

“Oh. My. God.” said hubby, getting out of bed while I tried not to laugh.

My daughter rolled back over and patted my chest. “My milkies!” she said triumphantly, grinning from ear to ear.

What was clear to both of us was how much power she exudes over my breasts, and even though I’m playful about it, how much power I give her over them. I’ve always nursed on demand, and while she asks less than she used to, my two and a half year old is still pretty obsessed with my breasts and nurses heartily when given the chance. A few days ago she chased me around the house when I was getting changed into my pajamas leaping for and trying to grab my boobs so she could nurse. We both laughed our heads off, but initially I really just wanted some space to change into my frickin’ pjs! I’m now trying to teach her that mommy has boundaries and that she can still nurse pretty much whenever she wants to but mommy gets to say no if she’s busy doing something else or needing some quiet time. So far, she doesn’t get it.

Any tips for a mom who would like to have control over the handling of her own breasts and still respect her child’s desire to nurse?

By the way, since realizing how popular my Monday Musings posts were, I have decided to re-install the meme. I just hope I can keep up the momentum this time. This is the first re-installment of 2010.

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