Welcome Breastfeeding Carnival readers! This month participants are writing about overcoming breastfeeding challenges. Since the Breastfeeding Carnival falls on a Monday, this week’s post will replace my regular Monday Musings post.

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To overcome breastfeeding challenges, whether they be physical, social or emotional, the best thing to do is attend La Leche League meetings.

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The free mom-to-mom support, education, and friendship that a breastfeeding mom can receive from her local La Leche League group literally is priceless. From overcoming breastfeeding challenges, to instilling breastfeeding and mothering confidence, to becoming a part of helping to make the world a more breastfeeding friendly place, La Leche League is often the jumping off point for many budding lactivists and breastfeeding professionals.

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If there isn’t one in your area, the next best thing is to find an on-line community of breastfeeding mothers for support and information. I recommend the forums at Mothering and Kellymom as well as the fabulous community on Twitter.

That is all.

Now get thee to a meeting!

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