Update: This essay is one of the winners of the co-sleeping essay contest. It won in its category “How I intended to use a crib and chose not to.” It will be published in the upcoming book Are You Co-Sleeping? Me Too! This will be my first publication in a book!

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Before my first child was born I assumed she would sleep in a crib. I even remember feeling racked with anxiety that we didn’t have one for her months in advance.

“What happens if I go into labour early?” I would moan. It was especially important to me because I already had chosen the most beautiful crib set for my newborn. Boy or girl, this baby would have the prettiest blue floral quilt, sheets, bumpers, and decorative pillow ever!

Then, after she was born and a three day and night stay in the hospital with my baby sleeping in the nursery, I couldn’t bear to be apart from her. We got home and as soon as I put her in the crib I felt like my heart had been pulled from my chest. I immediately took her out and spent the following two years sleeping with her by my side every single night. When my second child was born I never even considered a crib. And I have spent the past five years advising families either not to buy a crib at all or to consider it only after their child is born.

To think about all those expensive and unused cribs (not to mention crib bedding!) out there makes me cringe a little. What happened to ours? It got stained the first time I put my daughter in the crib. Even though it was otherwise brand new, I didn’t get a dime for it.

This is my entry for the co-sleeping essay contest based on the topic “How I intended to use a crib and chose not to.” If you are interested, today is the last day to submit your entry so hurry, hurry, hurry because time is flying!

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