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Welcome to the March Carnival of Breastfeeding! This month we are talking about the joys of breastfeeding. I believe the most precious parts of breastfeeding are worthy of poetry. While I’m not much of a poet, I found that I was unable to write this post unless it was formatted as a series of breastfeeding poems. While I hope you can relate to some of what I say here, I actually urge you to write your own poems about breastfeeding. So far, these are the most inspirational breastfeeding poems I have found, and I would love to add yours to the list!

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Please see below for the other carnival participants’ posts.

The joys of breastfeeding!


Precious baby asleep at my breast.

There is nothing cuter or more rewarding

than the droopy, satisfied face of a sleeping babe

and the knowledge that breastmilk has so much power.


credit: Dani Arnold

Baby’s determination

to fill its belly with milk,

mouth open wide,

sucking hungrily,

drinking the very best food nature provides.


Baby daddies

who ensure the baby mamas

get enough rest,

enough water,

enough love and support.

This family is creating

a strong foundation

for each other

and for their child

who will learn the importance of helping others,


and being loved.


credit: Jennifer Gordon

Baby nursing in a sling.

There’s something about a baby being tightly and warmly wrapped,

held by its mother to her breast

that feels instinctively primitive.

Cozy and sweet.


Breastfeeding is






A universal language spoken by mothers and babies.


If you have a poem about breastfeeding I want to see it so leave me a link or share! Or just leave a comment and share your joys of breastfeeding.

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