This post is part of the Body Image Carnival held by myself, Melodie from Breastfeeding Moms Unite! and Maman A Droit. Each day we are featuring great submissions by real women about their body image. Most are moms, and all have heartfelt stories to tell.

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Betsy, from Honest To Betsy, in Happily Ever After The End Part, or LUCKY her 7th post in her series about being diagnosed with cervical cancer, writes about coming to terms with having had a hysterectomy and what it’s done to her libido.

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Excerpt: [T]here’s the fact that just now my mojo resembles a raisin that a toddler partially gummed and chewed before spitting onto the floor of the minivan. That little sticky, brown mess got stepped on several times since and has been melted and compressed into the carpet fibers as it was slept on by a warm dog. There are bits of wiry dog hair sticking out of it every which way and it is full of grit. And that seems unlucky, that.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you why there really is no MINDF*$K quite like being told your lady bits are diseased and that if your uterus isn’t removed at your earliest convenience, the intraepithelial lining on your cervix may try to one day kill you.

Heather from It’s All About the Hat in What is Sexy draws a parallel between her experience with choosing to desexualize kissing before her marriage (and having trouble re-sexualizing it after she got married) to how society sexualizes breasts and makes breastfeeding moms feel wrong about desexualizing them.

Excerpt: In my experience, “sexy” is a mind game. Because I’ve had “practice” in my experience of desexualizing and then re-sexualizing kissing for myself, I know I can desexualize and re-sexualize my breasts depending on the current circumstances. Sometimes when McKay and I are being intimate, Margaret will wake up and need nursing and I have to immediately switch over to “breasts are for breastfeeding” mode. And with a little mental work, I can switch back into “I’m a sexual being” mode once she’s asleep again.

Keeping Mum Sane‘s post My Body – A Critical Look, isn’t about anything pertaining to sex per se, but I love how it is written. A mom, naked, looks into the mirror and plainly tells us what she sees working from her feet up. What’s sexy. And just what is. I love that there’s no complaining. Our narrator is content with her body.

Excerpt: There are two dimples on your lower back either side of your spine, men have always said those dimples are pretty sexy. This leads up to your back. You have a nice back, with some freckles. You’re fortunate not to get pimples on your back and your spine doesn’t stick out. Your shoulder blades are OK.

Make sure you head over to Maman A Droit who has posted the rest of the Body Image Carnival participant links entitled Making Peace.

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