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I haven’t said too much about baby wearing on this blog. When I started blogging my youngest was almost two and I wasn’t wearing her much anymore. She and her sister both grew out of their carriers a few months after they started walking. I was okay with it because they were also pretty heavy at that point. And when I did put them back in their carriers they squirmed and cried and wanted out. Luckily they and I both loved our Quinny 4XL stroller.

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I used a locally made ring sling for my firstborn and a Moby Wrap for my second. When I discovered the Moby I said that I wished I had known about it when my oldest daughter was born. When I started blogging I said I wish I’d known about the range of baby carriers available! If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t use a ring sling. I’d try on a whole bunch of carriers but I’m pretty sure I’d still use the Moby.

How did baby wearing change my life? I loved, and I mean I LOVED wearing my girls. Holding them close to my heart all day long, being able to nurse them so easily and being able to live my life hands-free was so awesome. As they got older I showed them the world around us. They watched me prepare supper and shop for groceries. They saw the world as I see it, through the window and over the fences. We hiked, we picnicked, we danced.

As a society I don’t think we touch or hold our children enough. Babywearing allows us to be closer to our kids for longer. It allows us to read their cues more easily and become in tune with meeting their needs.

After lugging around an infant car seat for a few weeks I learned that it was much easier to put my baby in a sling and take her into shops. I learned I could settle my babies faster if they could smell and feel me.

Baby wearing was awesome.

Do you or did you wear your babies? What do you love about it?

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