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meMy name is Patricia but my friends and family call me Patti. I am the proud mother of twin baby girls, Lisa and Lottie. I want the best for my little loves and every decision I’ve made has been to ensure that they get what is best for them. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to breastfeed my daughters. I wanted to ensure that all their nutritional needs were met.

One of the scariest ideas about being a parent is having your child get sick. In fact, that is what I had come to expect. I expected that my baby girls would colds and ear infections more often than not. I even saw this with many of my friends who also had babies. What I didn’t realize was that most of these babies were not receiving any or enough breast milk.

When my girls didn’t get sick, I was shocked. I thought dealing with fevers and stuffy noses was the norm. Then I did some research and found out that not only does breast milk gives babies all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive but it also gives them anti-bodies to help their immune system. Feeding your baby breast milk is the key to a happy and healthy baby.

my-twines-lisa-and-lottieI know that exclusively feeding my twins breast milk for the first six months of their lives kept them healthy and strong. Now Lisa and Lottie are over a year old and are as happy, healthy, and chubby as ever. I definitely plan to continue breastfeeding my girls and allow them to wean themselves naturally.

Through no fault of their own, some mothers are unable to or choose not to breastfeed their children. The first time breastfeeding is not always easy. I totally recommend seeking out breastfeeding support groups or organizations that specialize in helping mothers with breastfeeding issues. These groups are a great asset for any mother who wants to breastfeed or already breastfeeding their baby. It was a tremendous help for me when Lottie had issues latching on in the beginning.

When you’re a new mother, it is easy to panic when you have a hungry baby screaming for food at 3am and your breast milk will not let down. This is why I wanted to create this website. I wanted to give mothers the opportunity to sell extra milk to mothers who need help. Whether these mothers need extra time for their milk to come in or just prefer feeding their baby breast milk over formula, it’s important to have a safe place for mothers to fulfill their baby’s needs.

Originally, the only way to buy breast milk for babies was through the breast milk bank or by answering random ads on blog posts or forum sites. With the help of my friend, I decided to create this website. Our wish was to build a community for mothers to buy milk for their babies or for mothers to make extra money while staying home with their babies.

At BreastMilkShare.com, you can browse classifieds to find mothers who are willing to sell or donate their breast milk. You can also place an advertisement to sell your breast milk as well. It is our goal to provide you a safe environment where you will not be harassed or spammed. Your information will remain private until you choose to give it.

Please feel free to chat with us and other moms in our forums. It is so important to find a community of mothers who are experiencing the same things as you. Get to know these moms and build up a strong, supportive network of mothers. Thank you so much for visiting our website!    

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