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$4$ per OZ

Fatty organic milk from WA Bellevue 4$ per OZ frozen or fresh. Shipment or local pickup.

  • Fresh Breast Milk on Demand: Yes
  • Selling in Bulk: Yes
  • Willing to Sell to Men: Yes
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Bellevue


My Location: Washington State, Bellevue.

Sell to: Parents of children OR adults who need human milk for health reasons.

About me: I am a healthy 35yo breastfeeding mother of an active 4-month old boy, selling my surplus milk. My baby was born prematurely and I understand importance of providing your baby with a high quality human milk. Thanks to my nutritious and fatty breast milk my boy is now no different from full term babies. I am producing enough to feed triplets and my freezer is full.

Price: 4$ per oz , minimal sale is 6 oz which is one bag. Ready to negotiate the price for bulk purchases or for a local pickup in WA State. The total payment due will include the cost of the milk, cost of appropriate shipment method with delivery confirmation, insurance.
Payment method: PayPal only, payment must be marked as “goods” to insure protection for both the Buyer and the Seller. The package will be shipped only after the payment is cleared.

Amount: 2030oz of frozen milk is available which is about a 2-month supply for a baby who consumes 34oz of milk per day. I can sell as a bulk or in any quantity you may need. I also have a dairy free batch of 213oz (6300ml. Fresh unfrozen (refrigerated or straight from the pump) milk is also available per request in advance for local buyers.

Packaging and storage: 6 oz/120 ml sealed bags, deep freezer, each bag is marked with the date it was frozen.
Safety and hygiene: Since my baby was born prematurely, I understand the importance of keeping milk safe for vulnerable babies. That’s why I practice good hygiene while handling my milk. I use hospital grade pump designed to avoid milk contamination, always use clean pump parts and containers. I use milk bags designed for storage and freezing. My milk is NOT pasteurized so you can choose whether you want to use thawed milk additional immunity features OR be extra safe and pasteurize milk.

Milk quality: Since I keep breastfeeding, I put special emphasis on keeping my milk safe and nutritious. My milk is organic, fatty and pure. Each bag contains a natural combination of foremilk and hindmilk. It is free of prescription medications, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or anything that could harm our children. I am taking prenatal vitamins daily to ensure my milk provides all vitamins and microelements for growth and development. I am healthy and have no communicable deceases or STD and I am not in contact with people who may have it. I am vaccinated (flue, dTap and etc), my family members are healthy and practice good hygiene.

Milk production dates: February 2017 – produced for a 2 month old baby, March 2017 – produced for a 3 month old baby, April 2017 – produced for a 4 moth old baby. I plan to keep producing milk till the end of 2017.

My diet: I am a vegetarian supplementing my diet with organic dairy to ensure protein supply. My non-dairy food is mostly organic. No fast food. No GMO. Limited caffeine (0 -2 cups of tea per day). I am ready to negotiate adjusting my diet (for example, I can make it gluten-free) to fit your needs.

Shipping: ready to ship OR local pick up at a public place at WA, Bellevue. Shipment should be covered by the Buyer including delivery confirmation, insurance and shipment method that fits you (for example if it takes longer that 2 days for a ground shipping the package should be sent via express mail and it will increase the cost). I will take appropriate measures to ship it safely (e.g. using dry ice and etc) .

PS: No adult wet nursing, no pictures, no videos, no checks accepted.

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