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Best Baby Swing 2017 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

The sight of a baby softly breathing, tucked away in the arms of a parent is heart melting. As soon as those soft breaths turn into loud shrieks, havocis created, and the world goes topsy-turvy. It is during those times that you wish for heavenly assistance to calm down the little angel. Guess what? Your knight in the shining armor is here in the disguise of a baby swing!

Why Buy a Baby Swing?

Your pre-baby preparation includes the stashing up of all baby sized stuff. From clothes, diapers, stufftoys to baby bouncers and swings. For many of the parents, a swing comes down on the list of priorities. It is later on that they realize the importance of one. The baby swing with its rhythmic motion of a womb calms down the baby giving respite to the parents. It acts as a lifesaver for the initial six months of a baby’s life. Although a swing is not a substitute for the loving arms of parents, the arms do need some free time and much-needed breaks.

Swings seat baby in a relaxed sloping position helping those tussling against reflux, gases, or constipation to loll away. The extra set of hands is a Godsend when your bundle of joy refuses to let your battery charge or allow you to juggle with the others.

How to Find the Perfect Baby Swing?

The markets and internet are bursting at the seams with the various Baby swings, but when it comes to the little one you cannot just settle for anything. There are many things you need to contemplate before you pick one for your baby.

Safety of the baby is of paramount importance for parents. Babies are delicate and have to be handled with all the love and care. In a baby swing two features that are a must are a wide base and low center of gravity, these will prevent the toppling over of the swing. Besides, the legs of the swing should not be sprawled all over the floor as it will hinder movement for the rest of the people.

A hip restraint helps to hold your baby in place along with the 5-point harness. This assures that your baby won’t hang loosely from his seat hurting himself in case your little devil is screaming his lungs out while you strap him or slips while sleeping in the swing when you are not around.

When buying a swing look for the manufacturers recommended weight limits. If the baby exceeds the weight limit, the swing will hang and move along the floor which is a threat to baby’s safety.

Confused between battery-powered swings and Wind-up swings?

Often, we find ourselves stuck between the choice of a battery-powered swing and wind-up swings. Both have their pros and cons.

A battery-powered swing is more facilitating. All you have to do is thepower it on, and it will do its soothing magic. When we compare the two, a wind-up swing is less expensive. Even if you still opt for a battery-powered swing make sure it has a rechargeable battery to save you money in the long run. Though expensive, a battery-powered one has a variety of features in it justifying the price. Moreover, a wind-up swing is noisier and demands more attention.

More Features

Speed & Control Options:

The rocking patterns in a swing can be altered. Having an adjustable speed control is a bonus. The low speed will help your baby to drift into peaceful sleep slowly.

Recline Position:

An ideal swing has a number of recline positions so you can adjust your baby’s seat that best suits him.

Seat padding & removable cover/seat:

A nicely padded seat is cozy and comfortable for the baby. Cleanliness is another vital thing, and a removable seat cover will help in cleaning out the spills and messes easily. You wouldn’t want a stinking swing for your child. It is both unhealthy and develops bad habits as he grows up.


The music option is enjoyable for the baby. You can easily manage other house chores while your baby plays around. Choose a one which comes with a variety of musicoptions. You wouldn’t want to drive yourself crazy with the same music playing all over again!

Open top & flip/fold-out tray:

An open top and fold-out tray will help you easily remove the sleeping angel without waking him up. Also, it will prevent your baby from scraping legs on the swing.


A canopy will shield your baby’s skin from the sun in case you are to use it outdoors. A baby’s skin is delicate and gets sunburnt.

Built-in Toys:

The built-in toys are as much relieving for you as much fun they are for your baby. A slight drawback is that it might disturb their sleep while you remove them.

Buying the Best Baby Swing

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing

This modish baby swing has two swinging motions. Jiggles your baby to calm him down. It comes with six swinging speeds, a collection of soothing blissful songs along with an AC adapter. Machine-washable cover and adjustable seat. The fisher price swing costs $198.75.

Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

This infant swing sports plush toys that are reachable for the baby to play with. And has six melodies with an auto shut off option. The head support along with the seat pad isremovable and washable. The comfort recline seat comes with two positions. It is worth $59.49.

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

This fisher-price cradle swing throws around baby smiles like confetti with its soft hanging toys, music collection, and an overhead starlight show. It has two positions recline with three adjustable seat positions. The nature music willtake your baby to the dream world that you can know of with his smiling face. It costs $126.98.

Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bounce

Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bounce

The fisher-price bouncer is soft and cozy with the two plush toys to keep your baby busy. The melodious nature sounds play up to for 20 minutes while the soothing vibrations help your baby sleep comfortably. It has aremovable pad and insert that can be machine-washed. Although you have to separately buy the 3 C batteries. This baby bouncer costs $55.03.

The low down On Baby Swings

Even if a baby swing is not the most important thing on your mind while buying for a baby, at one point or another, you will find the pacing up and down with the baby in your arms at odd hours enervating. Sooner or later you will buy it, and it surely is a helping hand in calming down a fussy baby.

When purchasing the infant swing, you must look at the space in your house and buy accordingly. Look at the models that best meet your and your baby’s needs. There are amazing varieties and options to choose from.

Hope this will save you during the initial intense months of your newborn and spare you the haggard look. Happy parenting!

Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer

Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer

Graco baby swing is adoublecharmer with a removable seat that doubles as abouncer. When away from the wall outlet you can use the batteries to soothe your baby to the gentle vibrations. The two-speed settings offer a choice that would best relax your child. There are six swinging speeds and spacious seat that reclines to find the right position. Watch your baby jiggle and giggle to the collection of melodies while playing with the overhead toy bar! Buy your baby’s priceless smile and comfort only for $124.99.

Graco simple sway swing

Among many factors when buying a swing space matters, Grace Simple sway infant swing offers the solution with its compact design that can just fit in anywhere. The gentle side-to-side motion gives the cozy and comfy feeling of being nestled in the arms. It sports two vibration speeds and six swing speeds. The roomy seat helpssettling in of your child with a removable head support. A toy mobile and three soft toys keep your baby occupied. There is even a five-point harness to protect the baby. Great things do come in small packages! It is worth $71.99 only.

Ingenuity the Gentle Automatic Bouncer

Ingenuity the Gentle Automatic Bouncer

The ingenuity bouncer bounces itself uninterrupted for 30 minutes. With two speeds to choose from let your baby wiggle ecstatically to the eight melodies and 3 nature sounds. There is a removable toy bar featuring 2 plush toys that can be easily removed. The Hybridrive technology fuels up batteries to run twice as much as traditional bouncers. The Piper fashion wraps up the cradling seat and removable head support keeping up with the exquisite taste of your home décor. The 3-point harness provides safety, and the seat pad is machine-washable. The lightweight, cheerful bouncer costs $49.98.

Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing

Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing

The ingenuity baby swing is both time and money saver with its two seats in one! It takes soothing and entertaining to next level by handing over the music controls to you. The soothing mobile electronic light beams calm the baby. The seat rotates at 180° with three swing positions so that the baby remains in your view at all times. The roomy seat and the infant support bolster are washable and you can always slimfold the baby swing so that it is easy to carry it outdoors too. It makes a good outdoor baby swing. The swing would cost you $169.99.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug N Secure Swing

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug N Secure Swing

Tikes 2-in-1 is secure and of good quality making it is a worthy outdoor baby swing. It is easy to handle it with the simple T-bar and stay-put shoulder straps system which can be stored out of the way at the bottom of the swing. The feature can be used once your child has grown up and doesn’t need the securing mechanism. It costs only $26.99.

Graco Compact Baby Swing

The wind-upbaby swings as much as appealing they seem now to be a thing of the past. Yet, you can still find them at Graco. It is a full-size swing in a compact form. It has afive-point harness, one-hand, and has 3-position recline with a removable infant head support for your baby’s comfort. The push lever fold facilitates transportation. It has 2 Mix n move toys providing the right amount of stimulation for your tiny tot!It costs only $57.63.






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