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32 Surprising Uses for Breast Milk – Besides babies drinking it (#32 is Astonishing)

Blog July 16, 2017

1. Feed Your Pet: Your kittens might be hungry and if you are out of milk or food, using your breast milk is a safe and effective way of feeding your pet. Your kittens will be mewing thank you and don’t be surprised if you grow a stronger bond with your pet because of it!

Just Another proof that your pet will love it.

2. Breast Milk Facial: Dry-out breast Milk into a powdered paste and use it for a face-mask. Simply mix breast milk powder with water into a paste and gently massage all over your face letting the mask sit for at least 10 minutes until dry before rinsing with water.

3. Polish Silverware: For Breast Milk that may be expired, you don’t have to waste it by throwing out. Take silverware that you need to be cleaned and soak it in a bath of expired breast milk for 30 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. The lactic acid that forms has many potential uses beyond silverware cleaning!

4. China Repair: Along those same lines, if you have fine china that looks dull and needs cleaning, the same process above can be applied especially for silver plated pieces or sterling silver. Alternatively, breast milk can be boiled and the protein in the milk may react with any cracks that you might have in your fine china to form an adhesive bond providing a possible method for repairing fine cracks.

5. Anti-Itch Cure: If you have itchy skin, breast milk can provide enough natural relief to ease the itch back to comforting levels. To create the anti-itch cure, combine breast milk powder with water to create a paste that can be used for bug bites, sunburns, and irritation. Certain enzymes in the milk powder may help neutralize insect venom and are effective at relieving symptoms of sunburns. Alternatively, add breast milk powder to your bath along with oatmeal, corn starch, and baking powder for an effective chicken pox-easing oatmeal milk bath.

6. The Ultimate Breast Milk Moisturizer: Mix breast milk with oatmeal to create a powerful hand cleaner and moisturizer. The paste can be created with just breast milk and water. Rubbing the mixture between your hands will act as both a dirt remover as well as a natural moisturizing agent. Adding something acidic such as lemon juice can increase the effectiveness on cutting through grease or other hard to remove contaminants.

7. Kitchen Grease Cleaner: Mixing Breast Milk and Lemon or Vinegar can add the right amount of cleaning solution to remove built-up grime or grease on your stove or in the kitchen sink to remove even the toughest grease spots.

8. Remove Stubborn Stains: Breast Milk can also be a great stain remover when prepared with a concentration of vinegar. By soaking stains that are deeply set into your clothing with a mixture of milk and vinegar, the combination can help to lift stains from the fibers and effectively break them down.

9. Leather Shine: Leather often needs tender love and care when it comes to keeping it shining and new. Soaking a rag in breast-milk, ringing out excess milk, and buffing leather shoes can completely transform the look and feel of your leather. Besides shoes, jackets, gloves, wallets, and pants are great alternatives for shining with breast milk.

10. Makeup Remover: As a makeup remover, breast milk powder can be mixed with warm water to gently lift off makeup. In addition to removing your makeup, your skin will get a great miniaturization session.

When You Find Out How This Creative Dad Managed to “Breastfeed” His Baby Girl Your Heart Will Melt

Blog July 12, 2017

In a desperate attempt to ensure his little girl is fed while her mom is away at work, this dad pushes his creativity to the limits with only a shirt, a bottle, and a carefully placed hole.

Watch how this Dad gets a taste of what it is like to be Mom for a change and is the hero in getting his baby a full tummy!

This is as adorable as it is just plain genius.

Like and share if you support this creative super Dad!

What this couple did to “shut-up” a two year old kid is the most disgusting act imaginable

Blog July 12, 2017

Breast Milk ShareThe last thing two year-old Harry Studley expected was to be shot in the head with an air rifle gun by the people who were supposed to be there to protect him. The shooter and father of two, Jordan Walters, was arrested and thrown in jail after admitting causing Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) to young Harry.

The shooter’s girlfriend reportedly told him to “Shoot Harry just to scare him, shut him up”.

Emergency crews were called to a Bishport Avenue apartment in Hartcliffe, dispatched with neighbors stating that they heard the baby “screaming and screaming.”

As a result of this reckless and inhumane act, Harry has been left with permanent brain damage, a fractured skull, sever seizures, and is now partially blind with a ‘dramatically’ different personality.

Breast Milk For SaleWalters admitted to the crime and will serve only two years at Bristol Crown Court and will likely be released from prison halfway through his sentence.

Harry was, short of a miracle, saved by an extraordinary surgical team that prevented a very likely death.

Judge Julian Labert who was responsible for jailing Walter remarked, “But for your grossly irresponsible behavior Harry Studley would today be a bouncing little boy with unlimited expectations ahead of him in his life”.  Instead, Harry will have to contend with the irrevocable damage that was inflicted upon him by this deranged lunatic.

Bodybuilders Are Pulling Out All Stops To Achieve Massive Muscular Gains. What The Heck Did He Just Drink?

Blog July 10, 2017

Danny Davidson Drinking Breast MilkBodybuilder Danny Davidson Drinking Breast Milk to Feel “Stronger And Bigger”

There seems to be new craze in bodybuilding that has some people scratching their heads in disbelief. Bodybuilders have found their way to justifying and actually consuming breast milk to achieve greater muscular gains.

“I made the greatest gains of my life, an unrivaled 35 pounds in 10 months” claims one Bodybuilder.com forum user, discussing his new favorite supplement… Breast Milk.
Yes, you read that correctly, human breast milk from the lactating breast of a woman. Buying, selling, and consuming breast milk that is not directly from the mother of a newborn is perfectly healthy according to scientists and legal, provided it comes from a certifiable (sanitary) source.

7 Things A Breastfeeding Boss Does No Matter What People Say

Blog July 7, 2017

sport while breastfeedingSaying that motherhood is a beautiful thing is an absolute understatement. Saying that motherhood is tough is an even bigger one. Things just change and there are a lot of things that you’ll find difficult to do or won’t be able to do at all because you now have a child that relies on you and breasts that leak at inappropriate moments.

At least, that’s what you thought.

Come on, moms. Despite the changes that have happened and continue to happen in your lives, there is nothing you can’t do! And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

And admit it, when you read that, a couple of people and statements popped in your head. People, especially other parents, just can’t help but tell you their own opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do. Even when it gets really annoying, you know they’re just trying to help. So welcome their advice. But welcoming advice doesn’t mean you need to follow everything they say.

Instead of being like everybody else and telling you what you can’t do, I’m doing the opposite. Let’s get rid of these annoying cant’s and don’ts. Below is a list of things you can do if you wanted to.

  1. Looking fabulous. People are often surprised when they see a mother all dressed up. That’s always confusing. It’s not like there’s a uniform for new mothers. Moms can still breastfeed and take care of their babies in a dark red, sophisticated, figure- hugging wrap dress!
  2. Some moms feel too scared to engage in strenuous physical activities. But, a good endorphin boost could make a whole lot of a difference in making your day and yourself feel much better. Besides, it won’t change the taste, it’s still nutritional even after a workout, and it won’t hurt your milk supply. Start off with low impact activities like swimming, walking, and some core exercises.
  3. Yes, your breast are regularly leaking and they’re sore. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your passion and the responsibilities that you still want to do. There are breast pumps that you can carry with you to work, bottles full of breastmilk to leave at home, and nursing pads to use for leakage.
  4. Going out. Despite the fact that breastfeeding is a beautiful and normal part of motherhood, there are still a lot of people that think it isn’t something that should be seen out in public. Do NOT let these people keep you cooped up in your home. You deserve to go out, have fun, and feed your baby all at the same time!
  5. Relishing a soothing bath. A bath is one of the best ways to relax and treat yourself to. But when you’re leaking milk into the bath, it can be discouraging. Just remember that milk baths are a thing and you’re getting them for free and effortlessly and you’re all good.
  6. Having sex. Your breasts have become a food source for your little one. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for pleasure, too. If you feel the need to show your man some lovin’, go for it!
  7. Enjoying your favorite meal. You’re going to get a lot of advice on what you’re “supposed to eat”, and what food you’re supposed to “stay away from”. Sooner or later, you’re going to feel like you can’t eat anything you really like. But, you know what, unless it was specifically advised to you by your doctor, you can eat whatever you want and ignore everybody else.

You’re a mother. That makes you super human and amazing. But that isn’t the only thing that should define you. Be the woman you were meant to be with a baby at your hip and your significant other right beside you.

Robyn Sanders is a freelance writer and proud, breastfeeding mother of two. She dons many hats, including one that’s dedicated to helping people overcome their addictions. Visit her site at http://www.addictions.com


Nursing Basics For New Moms

Blog July 7, 2017

A nursing relationship starts during your pregnancy when your breasts start to produce early milk called colostrum. Colostrum is the only food your baby will need for the first few days of life. This perfect food has ingredients that are crucial for your child’s present and future health. Sodium, protein, potassium, minerals, as well as Vitamins’s A and E are just some of God’s gifts present in it. Colostrum also contains the white cell-leukocytes. Leukocytes has the power to destroy viruses and harmful bacteria. Your baby will drink colostrum in teaspoon amounts that is suited to the size of his tiny stomach.

For first time mothers your mature milk will appear within 3-7 days after birth, and sooner than that for mom’s who have already given life. You will know your mature milk has come in because you will feel very full and heavy. This fullness is called engorgement, and it happens when the pressure of milk causes the veins in your breast to expand. Engorgement normally does not last longer than 12 hours and gets less severe for each child you give birth too. Nursing often-at least every two hours, and gentle yet firm circular massage from breast to nipple will help ease the fullness.

Your baby knows how much to eat, so do not watch the clock! Some mothers feel discouraged when her baby doesn’t nurse as long as she thinks he should nurse. Some babies are happy to only nurse for 10 or minutes, and this is OK! A simple diaper log will tell you if baby is getting enough milk.
-Is baby soaking at least 6 wet diapers in 24 hours?
-Is baby passing at least 2 large yellow stools per day?
If your baby does not have proper soiled diapers amounts and is not gaining weight then he should be seen by a physician and be sure to consult with an LLL leader or lactation consultant.

Supply and Demand is a good thing to remember while nursing. The more your baby nurses, the more food you will produce for him. This is why bottles should be avoided during the first year of life. Every time you feed baby from a bottle he is not suckling to demand more milk. Eventually your body will take this as a sign that baby does not want that feeding and will lead to supply problems and early weaning. Health care professional recommend nursing till at least 24 months of age, and as long afterwards as both mom and child like.

I Was Drinking My Own Breast Milk

Blog July 7, 2017

So for the last few days, I’ve noticed something weird about the water from our tap. I am ALWAYS thirsty, so I rarely sit down to nurse without filling a glass with ice from our icemaker and water from our Brita filter. And a straw (I am so thirsty that I can’t stand for the ice to get in the way of my immediate gratification as I drink!).

But lately while nursing, I have noticed something a little disconcerting: my water has had some little floaties in it. At first, I thought it was that I hadn’t cleaned the glass or something, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Then, I thought maybe it was my straws: I am running low, so I have been re-using straws instead of getting new ones, and I thought maybe some kind of grunge had built up. But that wasn’t it either. Then I thought for a brief moment that there was something wrong with our water, but then I remembered I NEVER fill it from the tap; I always use Brita water. (Yeah, I’m a little anal about my water!)

drink my breast milkSo a few days ago I did my usual thing in preparation to nurse: got my glass, put in ice cubes from the icemaker (love having an icemaker–the fridge came with the house and the ice comes right out of the door!), then filled it with water from the Brita filter. I set it on my little side table next to the glider and went to get Jamie. I sat down, latched Jamie on, and then went to take a drink of water. This time the floaties were EVERYWHERE! It was like looking through a cloud or something. I stared at my water and tried to figure out what the heck it was.

I poked the straw around in there, and realized that some of the ice looked a little funny: it was all white instead of clear, almost as if it had freezer burn or something. I pulled out one of these oddly shaped white ice cubes and stared at it for a moment. Then, I picked up Jamie (still nursing on the My Best Friend pillow) and almost ran to the fridge. I opened the freezer and, holding Jamie with one hand, I used the other to reach into the ice cube maker and dig around until I found what I had dreaded:

A mangled and half-empty breastmilk storage bag!!

In case you hadn’t already guessed, one of my MANY bags of frozen milk fell down from the shelf above the ice maker into the ice, got churned by the machinery until the bag split, and half of the frozen milk was broken up and formed into little breast milk ice cubes. So for about four days, I was drinking my own breast milk!! And the funny part was–so was my husband every time he had a glass of iced tea. He didn’t find it nearly as amusing as I did. 😉
I know that was kind of long, but I wanted to share that with people who could actually appreciate the humor!!
Ah, the joys of being a working/nursing mother!


Breastfeeding For Dummies

Blog July 7, 2017

Is there a know it all in your family or circle of friends who keeps telling you that you need to do this or that with your nursling? The next time someone tells you a breastfeeding myth, just pull out Breastfeeding for Dummies, and show it to them.

Myth: Your Breastfed baby needs to drink water.
The truth: A breastfed baby does not need to drink any extra water, because breast milk does not contain the higher concentrations of salts and minerals that formula does (extra water is sometimes required to help the kidneys excrete this extra salt in formula-fed babies). Breastfed babies also have more efficient metabolisms than formula-fed babies, and so lose less water.

Giving bottles of water can also cause nipple confusion, and can lessen the babies’ desire to breastfeed, which can lead to a decrease in supply.

A breastfed baby’s thirst can be quenched by more frequent nursing in which the baby takes just the watery foremilk, without filling up on the creamier hind milk.

Myth: You need to use formula if you go back to work.
The truth: Working and breastfeeding is possible. There are just certain things you must keep in mind. 6 weeks prior to returning to work, is a good time to start establishing a good milk supply. Find a way to express your milk that is comfortable for you. Speak with a LLC or your local LLL if you are having problems, but the key is to continue breastfeeding.

Many companies make it easy for you to express milk and make you comfortable with your nursing experience. Recent studies show that breastfeed babies have a 35% fewer illness rate then formula fed babies, resulting in 27% less ‘sick’ days for moms. Mothers have a right to breastfeed. Explain to your boss or manager that you will breastfeed. Your company cannot deny you of that. If for any reason you have any problems, explain that the United States and other countries, signed the Innocenti Decleration in 1990, stating that every mother or working mother has a right to breastfeed. Contact your local LLL or LLC for more information.

Myth: Feeding on demand is spoiling
The truth: A babies stomach is about the size of their fist. So, a newborn has a stomach that will hold about a tablespoon. Breast milk is the easiest digested food that is available. It does not take long for that tablespoon of milk to leave the stomach, and then there are hunger signs again. Think of it this way…when is the last time that you have gone three hours at a stretch without a drink of water, a mint, a piece of gum, a cup of coffee? Why should you expect a baby to be able to? Feeding when the baby is hungry is not spoiling, it’s parenting.

Myth: It’s safe to smoke if you breastfeed.
The truth: No! The only thing good about smoking when you breastfeed is that it’s better to smoke and nurse, than it is to formula feed…smoking or not.

Every time you inhale a cigarette you are lowering your Prolactin levels. Prolactin stimulates healthy milk production, and your body needs this!

Over half of women who smoke 4 or more cigarettes a day deal with low supply, and their babies wean earlier than normal. Nicotine does enter into your milk and it take at least 95 minutes for only half the nicotine to leave your body, so please wait at least that long before you nurse your baby, and NEVER smoke in your car, home or near your baby.

If you choose not to stop smoking, then using nicotine replacements are safe for the nursing mother, but ONLY if you not smoke cigarettes while you use them. If you use ‘the patch’ as a nicotine replacement, then make sure you remove it at night. Please be aware that chances of SIDS are 40% lower for babies of mother’s who do not smoke.

Myth: A nursing mother will need to supplement with formula every now and then.
The truth: There is absolutely no reason to supplement with formula ever. If mom wants to have the option for someone else to feed the baby, she can always express her breast milk.

Myth: You need to stop nursing when baby gets teeth.
The truth: Babies cannot nurse and bite at the same time – it’s impossible. So a baby can (and so many are!) continue breastfeeding long after they have teeth.

Myth: If you drink alcohol, then you need to ‘Pump and Dump’.
The truth: The need to ‘Pump and Dump’ is out-dated advice. Alcohol leaves your milk the same way it leaves your blood. It gets metabolized and leaves your milk and blood via sweat, urine and breath. This is a natural occurrence and no amount of pumping can hurry it along. At best, the only thing pumping will do help relieve you if you become engorged from a missed feeding.


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