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32 Surprising Uses for Breast Milk – Besides babies drinking it (#32 is Astonishing)


1. Feed Your Pet: Your kittens might be hungry and if you are out of milk or food, using your breast milk is a safe and effective way of feeding your pet. Your kittens will be mewing thank you and don’t be surprised if you grow a stronger bond with your pet because of it!

Just Another proof that your pet will love it.

2. Breast Milk Facial: Dry-out breast Milk into a powdered paste and use it for a face-mask. Simply mix breast milk powder with water into a paste and gently massage all over your face letting the mask sit for at least 10 minutes until dry before rinsing with water.

3. Polish Silverware: For Breast Milk that may be expired, you don’t have to waste it by throwing out. Take silverware that you need to be cleaned and soak it in a bath of expired breast milk for 30 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. The lactic acid that forms has many potential uses beyond silverware cleaning!

4. China Repair: Along those same lines, if you have fine china that looks dull and needs cleaning, the same process above can be applied especially for silver plated pieces or sterling silver. Alternatively, breast milk can be boiled and the protein in the milk may react with any cracks that you might have in your fine china to form an adhesive bond providing a possible method for repairing fine cracks.

5. Anti-Itch Cure: If you have itchy skin, breast milk can provide enough natural relief to ease the itch back to comforting levels. To create the anti-itch cure, combine breast milk powder with water to create a paste that can be used for bug bites, sunburns, and irritation. Certain enzymes in the milk powder may help neutralize insect venom and are effective at relieving symptoms of sunburns. Alternatively, add breast milk powder to your bath along with oatmeal, corn starch, and baking powder for an effective chicken pox-easing oatmeal milk bath.

6. The Ultimate Breast Milk Moisturizer: Mix breast milk with oatmeal to create a powerful hand cleaner and moisturizer. The paste can be created with just breast milk and water. Rubbing the mixture between your hands will act as both a dirt remover as well as a natural moisturizing agent. Adding something acidic such as lemon juice can increase the effectiveness on cutting through grease or other hard to remove contaminants.

7. Kitchen Grease Cleaner: Mixing Breast Milk and Lemon or Vinegar can add the right amount of cleaning solution to remove built-up grime or grease on your stove or in the kitchen sink to remove even the toughest grease spots.

8. Remove Stubborn Stains: Breast Milk can also be a great stain remover when prepared with a concentration of vinegar. By soaking stains that are deeply set into your clothing with a mixture of milk and vinegar, the combination can help to lift stains from the fibers and effectively break them down.

9. Leather Shine: Leather often needs tender love and care when it comes to keeping it shining and new. Soaking a rag in breast-milk, ringing out excess milk, and buffing leather shoes can completely transform the look and feel of your leather. Besides shoes, jackets, gloves, wallets, and pants are great alternatives for shining with breast milk.

10. Makeup Remover: As a makeup remover, breast milk powder can be mixed with warm water to gently lift off makeup. In addition to removing your makeup, your skin will get a great miniaturization session.

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