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7 Things A Breastfeeding Boss Does No Matter What People Say


sport while breastfeedingSaying that motherhood is a beautiful thing is an absolute understatement. Saying that motherhood is tough is an even bigger one. Things just change and there are a lot of things that you’ll find difficult to do or won’t be able to do at all because you now have a child that relies on you and breasts that leak at inappropriate moments.

At least, that’s what you thought.

Come on, moms. Despite the changes that have happened and continue to happen in your lives, there is nothing you can’t do! And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

And admit it, when you read that, a couple of people and statements popped in your head. People, especially other parents, just can’t help but tell you their own opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do. Even when it gets really annoying, you know they’re just trying to help. So welcome their advice. But welcoming advice doesn’t mean you need to follow everything they say.

Instead of being like everybody else and telling you what you can’t do, I’m doing the opposite. Let’s get rid of these annoying cant’s and don’ts. Below is a list of things you can do if you wanted to.

  1. Looking fabulous. People are often surprised when they see a mother all dressed up. That’s always confusing. It’s not like there’s a uniform for new mothers. Moms can still breastfeed and take care of their babies in a dark red, sophisticated, figure- hugging wrap dress!
  2. Some moms feel too scared to engage in strenuous physical activities. But, a good endorphin boost could make a whole lot of a difference in making your day and yourself feel much better. Besides, it won’t change the taste, it’s still nutritional even after a workout, and it won’t hurt your milk supply. Start off with low impact activities like swimming, walking, and some core exercises.
  3. Yes, your breast are regularly leaking and they’re sore. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your passion and the responsibilities that you still want to do. There are breast pumps that you can carry with you to work, bottles full of breastmilk to leave at home, and nursing pads to use for leakage.
  4. Going out. Despite the fact that breastfeeding is a beautiful and normal part of motherhood, there are still a lot of people that think it isn’t something that should be seen out in public. Do NOT let these people keep you cooped up in your home. You deserve to go out, have fun, and feed your baby all at the same time!
  5. Relishing a soothing bath. A bath is one of the best ways to relax and treat yourself to. But when you’re leaking milk into the bath, it can be discouraging. Just remember that milk baths are a thing and you’re getting them for free and effortlessly and you’re all good.
  6. Having sex. Your breasts have become a food source for your little one. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for pleasure, too. If you feel the need to show your man some lovin’, go for it!
  7. Enjoying your favorite meal. You’re going to get a lot of advice on what you’re “supposed to eat”, and what food you’re supposed to “stay away from”. Sooner or later, you’re going to feel like you can’t eat anything you really like. But, you know what, unless it was specifically advised to you by your doctor, you can eat whatever you want and ignore everybody else.

You’re a mother. That makes you super human and amazing. But that isn’t the only thing that should define you. Be the woman you were meant to be with a baby at your hip and your significant other right beside you.

Robyn Sanders is a freelance writer and proud, breastfeeding mother of two. She dons many hats, including one that’s dedicated to helping people overcome their addictions. Visit her site at http://www.addictions.com


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