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Bodybuilders Are Pulling Out All Stops To Achieve Massive Muscular Gains. What The Heck Did He Just Drink?


Danny Davidson Drinking Breast MilkBodybuilder Danny Davidson Drinking Breast Milk to Feel “Stronger And Bigger”

There seems to be new craze in bodybuilding that has some people scratching their heads in disbelief. Bodybuilders have found their way to justifying and actually consuming breast milk to achieve greater muscular gains.

“I made the greatest gains of my life, an unrivaled 35 pounds in 10 months” claims one Bodybuilder.com forum user, discussing his new favorite supplement… Breast Milk.
Yes, you read that correctly, human breast milk from the lactating breast of a woman. Buying, selling, and consuming breast milk that is not directly from the mother of a newborn is perfectly healthy according to scientists and legal, provided it comes from a certifiable (sanitary) source.

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