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PayPal Tips

We recommend using PayPal. Not only do you avoid bad checks or fraudulent money orders, but the site ensures that both the seller and the buyer are protected. Also, if either side has an issue, you can dispute the transaction with PayPal and will usually get your money back. Using PayPal ensures that either party will not get taken advantage of.

 The site also ensures that your buyer doesn’t get anymore information other than a name and an email address. Other payment options require that you give out sensitive information like your bank account information. Remember; if a member asks for this information DO NOT give it to them. This is considered to be suspicious activity. Please report them!

 Gathered below are a couple of tips to insure that the buying and selling process is as painless as possible.

 Insure your Package

 This is an added measure for your item that will protect you if the item gets lost in the mail or the buyer claims the package was never delivered. It’s a measure of protection for both you and the buyer.

 Track your Package

 This is your proof that your buyer received your package. Send this information to your buyer as soon as possible so that they are able to track the package. Not only are you making the process as easy as possible with this added measure but you’re also building up your reputation while creating a strong relationship with your buyers.

 If you choose not to take this measure, be prepared to refund your customer their money if the package never arrives. Especially if a PayPal claim is filed against you and there was no delivery confirmation, you will definitely lose the case. Delivery confirmation is your proof that you sent the package and it was delivered. Without it, there’s no way you can guarantee it.

 Added Fees

 Since package insurance and delivery confirmation do cost extra money, we suggest that you include these fees in your breast milk asking price. This also includes the seller fees that PayPal charges for using their services. We also recommend not directly asking your buyer to pay these fees. Instead, just make sure that the fees are included in the asking price. If need be, you can always offer a bulk discount to make up for a higher cost.

 To help figure out the fees that you will owe by making purchases through PayPal, check out this PayPal Calculator. The site works two ways. You can either tell it how much you want left after the PayPal fees or find out how much you will get after the PayPal fees.

 Buyer Pays Up Front

 Before you send anything to your buyer, make sure that the payment clears in your PayPal account. Insist that your buyer makes the payment immediately. Especially since PayPal allows bank drafts or ACH which takes much longer to clear. Do NOT send out anything before receiving payment first.

 Also, ask your buyer to mark the payment as “Goods.” Any payment marked “Payment Owed” is against PayPal regulations. If the payment is marked anything else, you will not have any kind of protection. Please tell your buyer to mark the payments as “Goods.”



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