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Sell More Breast Milk Faster with our Premium Ads!

Why place a premium ad? Here are a couple of reasons on why you should:

Be Featured on our Main Page…

…and you’ll always stay on top! Your premium ad will have a shinning spot on our main page for advertisements. You’ll also get top billing for your ad in your respective category. You won’t have to worry about new ads bumping yours down the page or losing notability. All premium ads are given top priority over free ones. Even our search engines will display your ads first making your ad more efficient than the free ones.

By purchasing a premium ad you will increase the exposure that your ad gets from both serious and browsing buyers.

Stay Featured on our Sidebar Ad

Not only will a premium ad stay featured on our main advertising site but it will also be featured in our advertising sidebar showcase. Our sidebar will show ads newest to oldest and will feature your picture with your tagline and a link to your posting. Making your ad premium will continue to increase your exposure to buyers and will also help you stand out amongst the other sellers.


Going premium is just as easy as posting our free ads. All premium ads are showcased for the duration of the ad. Premium ads cost just $6.

How can I buy a premium ad?

If you’re ready to upgrade to the next level, follow these steps:


  1. Start the process of creating a new classified ad in your chosen category.
  2. Select the Premium ad option.
  3. Include some great photos. The first photo will be the one that will be shown in our premium ad sidebar, so make sure it’s the best.
  4. You will then be prompted to pay using Paypal.
  5. After the payment has gone through, you will then receive an email.
  6. The ad will then be subject to approval and will be posted within 24 hours.


Disclaimer: breastmilkshare.com will need at least 24 hours in order to review and approve the ad. Since these ads will be featured on our website, we must ensure that they completely adhere to our Terms and Conditions. This is not limited to but includes inappropriate images or text. Any ads that violate our terms and conditions will not be posted and your money will be refunded.



Donate, Buy and Sell Breast Milk at BreastfeedingMomsUnite

Donating or Selling Breast Milk? Register for a free account and then click "Post an Ad" at the upper right. Follow the on-screen instructions and your ad will be up and running in no time! Find out More »

Buying Breast Milk? Easily browse through our categories or/and ads and get in touch with breast milk donores, sellers & buyers via the contact form that pops up on the right of each listing! Find out More »

Why Sell Breast Milk on BreastfeedingMomsUnite?

  • BreastfeedingMomsUnite is the biggest global marketplace for human milk trade, and gives you maximum exposure whether you are a buyer or seller.
  • We walk you through the entire process, help you avoid mistakes and alert you of any unreliable buyers.
  • Cheapest & Best Value Ad Packages starting from $20 for ad in all categories!
  • Versatile Ads (such as 9 month advertising) increase selling potential, and allow you to continue selling your breast milk while waiting for the right buyer/price.

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