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Seller Guide

Why Sell with Us?

For centuries, mothers have used wet nurses to feed their babies. Since then, the practice of having a wet nurse is no longer a popular idea. However, the demand is still there and has morphed into mothers selling their breast milk. Originally, this practice continued through milk banks but now mothers can go through the internet to sell their “liquid gold.” That’s where we come in. Here at breastmilkshare.com, we strive to create a safe environment for both sellers and buyers. Our ads are free and give you a secure place in which to sell or buy breast milk. Whether you want to donate milk to help another mother and baby, sell your extras, or are in need of breast milk for your own child, our website can help. This comprehensive guide will help get you started. So what are you waiting for? Let’s create that ad!

How to List an Ad?

To get started on our website, first you must join by creating a profile. Only members are allowed to post ads. This helps us to weed people out and ensure that our website stays safe and secure.

After you’ve done this, go to the home page and select Post An Ad. Make sure to specify the correct category that fits your situation. When creating your ad, do NOT include any personal information such as your email, phone number, or address. This information needs to be kept private in order to protect you from unwanted solicitors.

Make sure to make your ad as personal as possible. Try to alleviate any fears, concerns, or questions that your buyers might have. An easy way to do this is to imagine what you would want for your baby if you needed to buy breast milk. What kind of diet does the mother eat or what kind of prescription medications are they on? Talk about your baby and how healthy they are because of your breast milk.

After you’ve completed your ad, it will be posted in our classified section. Mothers can message you through our website and will not gain access to any of your personal contact information. By going through our breast milk marketplace, you can avoid having your personal information on a general website where anyone can gain your contact info.

Selling Breast Milk Tips

  1. Do not give any personal information. To ensure that you keep your privacy and security, we ask that you don’t give out personal information such as your address, phone number, and especially your financial information. This website is designed so that all payments go through PayPal and the only identifying information that is provided to the buyer is your email.
  2. Create an email for this site. Use a distinctive email address that can’t be traced to your other personal accounts. Only use this email for buying and selling of your breast milk and nothing else. Try yahoo, msn, or gmail for a free email address service.
  3. Only accept payment through PayPal. This third party system protects you and your financial information. To avoid the hassles of possible bounced or fake checks and money orders, use PayPal.
  4. Be personable in your ad. Mothers are looking to buy from other mothers like them. Include pictures of your healthy baby including little stories about them and their health. Give them a face to match the ad so they feel like they are buying from a person and not some unknown entity.
  5. Be direct and clear in your ad. Make sure that you are clear on who you want to sell your milk to. State specifically: “Milk is for babies only. Men do not reply” or “No adult wet nursing, pictures, or videos. Milk is for babies only.” Be polite but definitely be clear about who you are willing to sell to.
  6. Promote your ad. In order to increase the visibility of your listings, post your ad on your social media accounts and your blog. The more you get your ad out there, the better chance you have of selling it.

Pumping 🙂

So now that you’ve posted your ad, it’s time to pump! Before you get to pumping, first make sure that you get the best breast pump for your needs. They range from electric to battery operated or manual as well as hands-free and wearable. There are also pumps that allow for double pumping. Check out the various reviews online to see what works the best for your needs. For more information on selecting a breast pump, check our Breast Pumping Tips.

Freezing, Pasteurizing & Storage Tips

In order to keep your milk fresh, it needs to be frozen. First get a high quality breast milk storage bag like Lanisoh’s Breastmilk Storage Bags. After you’ve pumped, label your bag with the date and quantity. Pour pumped milk into the bags. Make sure to squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing the bags. Lay the bag flat so that it can freeze in a way that is easy to store. After it’s been frozen, you can store the milk in an up right position in a bigger storage container and arrange it in order by date. This is a quick and easy way to organize your breast milk.

When the milk arrives at its intended destination, make sure to pasteurize it before giving it to your baby. To pasteurize your breast milk, place milk in a double boiler. Slowly heat the milk until its 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your milk at this temperature for half an hour. Make sure to stir the milk constantly to keep it from burning. After half an hour, remove the pot and place it in a sink or bowl filled with ice water. Keep stirring the milk until the temperature drops to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Store pasteurized milk in the refrigerator.

For more information on freezing, storing, and pasteurizing breast milk, check our How to Pasteurize Breast Milk and Freezing and Storing your Breast Milk pages.


Once you’ve struck a deal with the prospective mother, it is now time to ship them your milk. It’s recommended to ship your breast milk with dry ice. Dry ice keeps the shipment cold and is more cost effective than wet ice. It also keeps your items clean and dry without any added water from ice packs or wet ice. When shipping your breast milk, make sure to ship on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. This will ensure that your milk will reach it’s destination in about two days. If you ship out on a Thursday or Friday, you run the risk of the packaging sitting for a day since most shipping companies do not ship on a Sunday. Also, be sure to call and notify the recipient that you’ve shipped the package as well as give them the tracking number. For more information on how to ship your breast milk using dry ice, click here.

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